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Green Coffee with Svetol
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Green Coffee with Svetol

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Clinically proven to regulate conversion of high starch diet (more than 500 mg per dose) Will assist in weight maintenance and weight reduction.

Thanks to its unique composition, Svetol® is the only plant extract of decaffeinated green coffee that helps you simultaneously lose weight and improve your figure.. the slimming action of Svetol® narrows your silhouette, while its Beauty effect harmoniously redefines your contours. Scientifically proven, Svetol® is today's exclusive solution for weight loss and beauty.

Thanks to a rigorous selection of coffee beans, an expertise in natural extraction, and unparalleled quality control and analysis in all the stages of the manufacturing process, Naturex guarantees Svetol®’s unique composition, which preserves the specific features of the selected coffee variety and assures the consistency of the active components.

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Long appreciated for its taste, coffee has been increasingly referred to in scientific literature for its health benefits which is probably due to the high content of Chlorogenic acids in coffee. Coffee is in fact the main source of Chlorogenic acids in our food. Coffee has beneficial effects on health, but its composition as a beverage is not well mastered. The numerous varieties of coffee, the different roasting techniques, the multiple methods of preparation, as well as different modes of consumption worldwide, mean that the composition of coffee varies widely, as does its nutritional contribution. It is thus necessary to position a product that offers active components in consistent amounts.

Over the last few years, the epidemiological studies carried out on consumers demonstrated a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and has bee associated with improved glucose tolerance, thus demonstrating a regulatory effect on blood sugar levels.

Decaffeinated coffee has also been shown to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, indicating that other components found in coffee also contribute to blood sugar regulation. Chlorogenic acids, known by the scientific world to be the active components of coffee, play a paramount role in blood sugar regulation.

Naturally present in numerous foods such as coffee, chlorogenic acids are active molecules known for their capacity to reduce the release of hepatic glucose into the blood, giving them a powerful role in blood sugar regulation.

However, some studies have shown that it is necessary to consume the equivalent of several hundred cups of coffee per day to achieve this effect. It should therefore be possible to increase the daily intake of chlorogenic acids using a supplement designed for this purpose.

60 Vegetable Capsules

Each 280mg capsule contains: Coffea Arabica (semen) 252mg

MAL No: MAL08080453TC

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